Root Canal Therapy in Durham, NC

Our dentists can save your tooth and end your pain with quality root canals!

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is the best way to prevent losing your tooth!

3D image of an infected tooth needing a root canal by our Durham, NC dentists.

A root canal by our talented Croasdaile Dental Arts team can save an infected or decayed tooth, preventing you from losing it. When a tooth becomes severely infected, the harmful bacteria can reach its vulnerable center – the pulp. This can cause inflammation and considerable pain. Root canal therapy by our skillful Durham, NC dentists removes the infection and damaged nerve, sterilizes the tooth, seals it, and then restores it to full strength and function by capping it with a gorgeous dental crown.

Stopping the pain

Our advanced dentistry techniques and technology allow for a virtually painless procedure that will stop the pain from your infected tooth and save it for a lifetime of useful function. Are you in need of a root canal? Let us stop the pain. Contact us for an appointment today!

How Does a Root Canal Help You?

Here are three important ways.
Relieves Pain
Many people think a root canal causes pain, but actually, it ends your pain! Pain is a sign of an infection that should be taken care of right away. Don’t wait. Call us today for treatment.
Saves Money
Yes, a root canal saves you money. How? It saves you the expense of a tooth extraction and the replacement cost for your missing tooth with a denture, bridge, or dental implant.
Beautiful, Healthy Results

After your root canal treatment, your tooth will be healthy and strong again. A tooth-colored filling or custom-created dental crown will finish it off for a beautiful, natural look.

‘‘Best care in town. They make me feel cared for and relaxed. They explain things in a straightforward, no-nonsense way and listen to my questions very kindly. Very happy with the job they did. I trust them.’’

Alex A., 5-Star Google Review

Why Have Your Root Canal at Our Durham, NC Practice?

Because our dentists are consistently selected as the "best!"

Croasdaile Dental Arts dentists - Dr. Butler, Dr. Turner, Dr. Mayo

Did you know dentists have been named “Top Dentist” by Durham Magazine for 11 years in a row?

What does that mean for you and your dental care? Dentists give this award to other dentists who they feel provide outstanding excellence in dentistry and patient care. These dentists would pick our team of dentists to treat themselves and their families. That says a lot!

We have been treating our dental patients for decades with the best dentistry has to offer in the areas of family, cosmetic, and comprehensive dentistry. We have the awards to prove it!

  • Durham Small Business Excellence Award 2016
  • Spectrum Award 2017 & 2018
  • Voted the Best of Durham every year since 2010

Have Questions About Root Canals?

Get the answers from our expert dentists in Durham, NC.

  • Is a root canal painful?
    We use the latest in dental technology and techniques to make sure you are comfortable and pain-free throughout your procedure.

    The first few days after your procedure, your tooth may be sensitive. The American Association of EndodontistsOpens in the AAE website recommends using over-the-counter medications like Advil or Tylenol to manage it.

    If you experience dental anxiety, we offer sedation dentistry to help you relax during your appointment.

    Your comfort is our first priority! We want you to have a pain-free, worry-free experience at Croasdaile Dental Arts.

  • Are root canals covered by dental insurance?
    Yes, they are. They are considered a necessary restorative dentistry treatment and are usually covered in whole or part depending on your insurer’s policies.

    We are happy to bill your insurance company for you, and we strive to make sure our patients from Durham, Raleigh, Hillsborough, Chapel Hill, Mebane, Timberlake, Roxboro, Carrboro, and other nearby communities are getting the full benefit of their insurance coverage.

    If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t let that hold you back from getting the treatment you need! We accept payment from third-party lending companies like CareCreditopens in CareCredit website and Lending ClubOpens in Lending Club website, which offer financing with low monthly payments.


  • Are there times when a root canal would not be recommend?
    A root canal will only be recommended by our Durham, NC family dentists if they feel the tooth can be saved. Saving a tooth where possible is always the preferred choice rather than an extraction.

    However, there some circumstances where a root canal would not be the best option, such as:

    • The damage to the tooth is too severe
    • The tooth is not worth the cost of saving, for example, a wisdom tooth
    • The tooth is cracked
    • Gum disease has loosened the tooth, and it is unstable

    Only after a thorough examination by our Durham root canal experts can they decide what is the best treatment for your individual circumstances. Call us today if you feel you might need a root canal.

Are Your Teeth In Pain? Let's Do Something About It!

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