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Porcelain Veneers for Durham, NC

Have the smile you've always wanted!
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What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Don’t let cosmetic flaws stop you from smiling with confidence any longer.

Veneers are wafer-thin, tooth-colored porcelain shells that are permanently placed over the front of your teeth to adjust their color, shape, and size.

Porcelain veneers can instantly erase dental imperfections, such as:

  • Stained or yellowed teeth

  • Crooked teeth

  • Irregularly sized teeth

  • Gapped or crowded teeth

  • Broken or chipped teeth

How We Create Your New Smile

Step 1: Consultation

During the first visit, we will discuss your smile concerns and fill out an evaluation. We will consider all aspects of your smile, taking into consideration the shape and color of your teeth, as well as your facial characteristics such as eye and hair color and skin tone.

Step 2: Test Drive Your Smile

We will create temporary veneers from digital impressions that let you “test drive” your smile. Then, those impressions are sent to the talented team at our dental lab to craft your permanent veneers.

Step 3: Love Your Smile

There will be a final fitting with your permanent veneers. When you are happy with the way they look, we securely bond the veneers over your teeth. Your new smile is ready to shine!

Why Choose Our Cosmetic Dentistry Experts?

Their work speaks for itself!
Actual patient before and after with porcelain veneers.
Actual Patient

When it comes to the question of which Durham dentist’s office can offer superlative cosmetic dentistry, our team at Croasdaile Dental Arts feels our results speak for themselves. We are proud of the beautiful and healthy smiles we’ve created for our patients. You’re invited to see examples of our outstanding porcelain veneers smiles in Durham, NC in our smile gallery.

Our talented and personable team is led by Dr. William Turner, Dr. Mayo, and Dr. Jason Butler, who are recognized in the community for offering next-level dentistry and compassionate patient care.

  • Our dentists have been voted “The Best of Durham” consistently since 2010

  • They have been “Top Dentist” award winners for the past 11 years

‘‘I have been going here for probably 12 years and have had an overwhelmingly positive experience. Dr. Turner is kind, friendly, and knowledgeable, and the hygienists are great. My whole family goes here, and we love it.’’

Joshua A., 5-Star Google Review

Have Questions About Porcelain Veneers?

Get the answers from our Durham dentists.
  • Do porcelain veneers need special care?

    Porcelain veneers don’t need any special care beyond how you would normally care for your teeth.

    We do recommend that you follow an excellent dental hygiene routine, including:

    • Brushing and flossing twice a day
    • Regularly seeing your dentist for check-ups
    • Using a non-abrasive toothpaste and soft-bristled toothbrush

    You can protect your veneers further by not using them to chew on hard objects such as ice, pens, hard candy, and hard nuts.

  • Why should I whiten my teeth before I get veneers?

    Your porcelain veneers will be custom-tinted to match the coloring of your surrounding teeth.

    If you were to have a teeth whitening procedure after your veneers treatment, your teeth and veneers would no longer have matching shades of whiteness.

    We often recommend our patients who want whiter teeth have a teeth whitening treatment before we begin their veneers treatment. That way their natural teeth and porcelain veneers for Durham, NC will blend together beautifully.

  • Do I have to have veneers for both my top and bottom teeth?

    No, you don’t. That’s the beauty of veneers. You can enhance only the teeth you want.

    Many people choose to use porcelain veneers on just their top front teeth since these are the ones that are most visible to others when smiling or talking.

    Our team will give you a comprehensive estimate of the cost for your veneers and we will work with you to make easy and convenient financial arrangements for payment.


  • Will getting porcelain veneers hurt?

    Generally, our patients experience very little, if any, discomfort with this treatment.

    We use local anesthetic during the placement of your temporary and permanent veneers to ensure your comfort. When we place a large number of veneers, some patients occasionally experience temporary gum soreness and treat it with over-the-counter medication.

    During your treatment, we will keep you comfortable with cushioning neck pillows and cozy blankets while you watch your favorite movies.

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