Let Durham Sedation Dentistry Make Dental Visits a Dream

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile in the most comfortable way possible.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You?

If you’re anxious about the dentist and wish to sleep through your dental treatment, our Durham sedation dentistry may be right for you.

What is sedation dentistry?
Modern sedation dentistry techniques allow you to relax during your dental treatment.
What types of sedation do we offer?
We offer oral conscious sedation to anyone who needs help feeling at ease in the dental chair.
Do I qualify for sedation dentistry?
Sedation dentistry may be an option if you have:
  • Fear of needles
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Difficulty getting numb through other methods
  • Physical disorders
  • Complex dental treatments

Your Durham Sedation Dentists are Always by Your Side

Dental phobia, or anxiety, is a common reason for sedation dentistry. Let our dentists help you combat those fears.

Working with You

During open discussions with our talented dentists about your unique needs, we can help you find the type of sedation that is best for you.

Here For You

We’re always here for you! Over 36% of people avoid seeing the dentist due to fear or anxiety, and our sedation dentists in Durham are on a mission to ensure dental fear doesn’t stop you from getting the treatment you need.

Comfortable and Safe

Our dentists and team will ensure you’re comfortable and safe during your treatment until the sedation effects wear off.

‘‘Croasdaile is just the other way to spell excellence. This experience is so spectacular that you don't know whether to speak about the professional quality of service, the personalities that deliver that care, or the genuine, family-fair spirit and duty-bound atmosphere therein. My entire family had fun. Terrific!’’

- Okkouromu

Enjoy the Benefits of a Healthy, Beautiful Smile

We’ll do everything in our power to ensure you’re comfortable throughout your entire treatment.

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