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VoiceWorks Hands-Free Perio Charting = A Faster and Easier Visit for You!

Voice-works hands-free perio system.

Your dental health is important to us. After all, you are entrusting us with one of the most precious things you have, your smile!

At Croasdaile Dental Arts, we are always striving to add to our dental knowledge with the latest techniques and technology. Often, innovations mean better care for you or less time in the dental chair!

You will notice your hygienist using a very specialized technology the next time you visit. It’s called VoiceWorks.

Here’s how this technology works and how it benefits you!

Periodontal care 101 – Making Your Exams Quicker

When was the last time you had a periodontal exam?

Did you find it time-consuming? Even tedious?

A periodontal exam is designed to check on the health of your teeth and, especially, your gums. Your hygienist is looking for any signs of bacterial build-up along the gumline.


Bacterial build-up is one of the first steps in gingivitis (gum disease).

Why is this important?

Gum disease, if left untreated, can lead to bone and tooth loss!

That’s where our new technology enters the picture!

Hands-free periodontal charting to the rescue!

You’ve heard of hands-free phones and even hands-free driving! The latest in advanced dentistry from VoiceWorks offers our dental hygienists the luxury of hands-free charting.

When you had your last periodontal exam, you probably noticed it took two people to chart the health of your teeth. Your dentist or hygienist checked each tooth individually and then called out a series of numbers to an assistant who recorded the information.

The numbers represent the state of the health of the bone and gums around each tooth by measuring the size of the periodontal pockets. The higher the number, the larger the pocket.

Our new technology allows just one hygienist to do the work of two!

The hygienist can audibly call out the numbers and instructions for each tooth and they are heard and recorded on a digital chart.

Pretty cool, huh?

You get to reap the benefits!

What are the benefits to you of this new system?

  • Faster, more efficient examinations
  • We can see more patients in a day because we utilize less staff,  which means getting you in for your appointments sooner!
  • Digital charting for accuracy and fast transmission
Here is a video clip that shows how hands-free perio charting will make your next examination easier and faster.

We love being able to offer our patients the latest in dental innovations and see the smile on their faces when they reap the benefits of them.

Our new perio hands-free charting system is just one more way we are doing our best to go above and beyond in our service to you.

How is your gum health? Do you suspect you might be experiencing the onset of gum disease? What signs should you be watching for?

What causes gum disease?

Plaque build-up on the teeth that harbors bacteria is the main cause of gum disease. If you are not diligent about brushing and flossing your teeth, plaque build-up is the result.

There are other reasons someone might develop gum disease, such as:

  • Hormonal changes – Fluctuations that occur in the hormones during pregnancy, puberty, or menopause make your gums more sensitive, and it’s harder to thoroughly brush your teeth. This makes it easier for bacteria to move in.
  • Illness – Immune-suppressing diseases such as cancer or diseases that affect blood sugar like diabetes puts you at a higher risk for developing inflammation and infection.
  • Mediations – Drugs that dry out the mouth can encourage gum disease since saliva is a natural deterrent to bacteria.
  • Family history – Heredity can play a part in how spaced your teeth are, making it easier or harder to clean between them.

If gum disease is not caught early enough and treated, it will progress to the next, more serious step of periodontal disease.

Smiling patient in dental chair being examined by dentist.

My gums don’t hurt! How can I have periodontal disease?

One of the most dangerous things about periodontal disease is that its progress may be painless and very subtle.

At this stage, the gums are pulling away from the teeth and leaving little pockets that can fill up with debris and bacteria. The gums will continue to pull away from the teeth and pockets will get bigger, until the tooth loses all of its support, loosens, and eventually falls out.

How can you know if you have periodontal disease?

There are some definite signs to look for, including:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Receding gums
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Pain when chewing

All or only some of your teeth may be affected.

Both gingivitis and periodontal disease can be stopped with diagnosis and treatment.

Are you due for an exam by your dentist in Durham, NC?

How long has it been since you had a thorough periodontal examination? If it’s been more than a year, you really should get another. We make it easy, fun, and quick to get the dental care you need.

Why not stop by and see what other fabulous and cool dental technologies we are using to make your dental visits even better!

Simply contact or call one of our friendly team members today, and we’ll take care of the rest!