Durham NC Dentist does Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

There are times where the health, function, and strength of a smile are so severely compromised that it may take true skill and an expert treatment plan to repair. Whether a mouth is suffering from severe decay, gum disease, or missing teeth, our  Durham NC general dentist at Croasdaile Dental Arts has the accomplished abilities to restore smiles back to form.

Full mouth rehabilitation is a detailed plan of restorative dental treatments designed to create a smile that is functional, aesthetic, and long-lasting. It is a comprehensive dental treatment that can be used to correct orthodontic problems, tooth defects, and years of neglect or abuse. Full mouth rehabilitation is not an instant fix to dental worries; it’s a complex treatment that requires thoughtful planning by a qualified dentist and requires a commitment of good oral care by the patient once complete.

A full mouth rehabilitation treatment plan requires a carefully thought-out planning process. Your dentist will carefully analyze the health and function of your smile first, and aesthetics will naturally flow from there. This will include consideration of proper bite function, periodontal health, and damage to any of the tooth structure. Any restorative or cosmetic dental treatments needed to repair your smile to its fullest will become a part of your individualized treatment, and may include:

Full mouth rehabilitation can be an extensive treatment process that may require several office visits. We understand that this can cause worry for patients who are anxious because of dental phobia or cost. Our team of dentists aims to make your full mouth rehabilitation a comfortable and exciting process; your treatment plan can be completed in phases to maximize comfort as well as insurance benefits! Our dentists take the time to discuss your questions and concerns before any treatment is put into place. For those who need further relaxation, we offer sedation dentistry.

Living a life with a smile that is painful and unhealthy is simply unacceptable. Contact us at Croasdaile Dental Arts to schedule your full mouth rehabilitation with one of our expert dentists. Whether your smile is suffering from disease, trauma or missing teeth, a Durham NC general dentist on our team can help!